Bowrain live with Marina Mårtensson and Mario Babojelič at Kino otok 2017. 
Photos Tjaša Gnezda. 


Bowrain solo act at Piano Day Ljubljana 2017. 
Photos Aleš Rosa. 


The song “Refugee” performed live at Piano Day Ljubljana 2016



Memories from beautiful JAŠA’s project “Utter” captured by Alec Von Bargen, Venice 2015.


Bowrain live at Festival Snowdrops and Primroses, Cankar Centre Ljubljana
With Mario Babojelič, Robert Nitschke and Marina Mårtensson.
Photos Urska Lukovnjak. 
“Bowrain live at Wetrinsky, Maribor.”
Photos Urska Lukovnjak. 
New release “In the Back of Time“.
It’s the music that I have created for the spatial installation of moving images, structures, music, light and performance by Meta Grgurevič and Urša Vidic, produced by Ljubljana Puppet Theater
Ema Kobal, Cello
Vita Kobal, Violin
Eduardo Raon, Harp
Nataša Živković, Voice
Matevž Kolenc and Bowrain, Mixing
Gregor Zemljič, Mastering
Meta Grgurevič, Art Work


Nice moments from MENT 2017.
Photos Tjaša Gnezda. 
Live concert at Mestna Kavarna Idrija. With Mario Babojelic on guitar.
Photos Tjaša Gnezda. 
Great time playing with Mario Babojelič in Pritličje, Ljubljana.
Photos Tjaša Gnezda. 
Two great moments captured by Saša Huzjak at the concert in Gustaf Hall, Maribor.

Playing live music in a performance The Relations by JAŠA.
London Frieze 2016. Photo by Rosa Lux. 

A new project Phila was born.
Live at Aleste Festival, Madeira Portugal.

We have performed at Festival Lutke, Ljubljana.
With special guest Eduardo Raon on harp. 

I have done an interview for Outsider.
Beautifully written by Kaja Kokot Žanič.
Photo Tjaša Gnezda.
Nice moments from Indigo Festival Ljubljana.
With Robert Nitschke and Mario Babojelič and Eduardo Raon.
Photos by Rosa Lux. Visual concept by JAŠA.
Festival Urbano Dejanje, Ljubljana. Pictures by Polona Kumelj. 
With Robert Nitschke and Mario Babojelič.


I made music for multi-media spatial installation In the back of Time by Meta Grgurevič and Urša Vidic.
Premiere on the 23rd of June. Produced by Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

What an honor it was to open for the great Fennesz and Sculpture at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana



My music was used in the exhibition of ULAY and JAŠA at Kustera Projects Red Hook, NY.
Being part of Westway Lab Festival in Guimarães was unique and special. I had the honour to work with Pedro Lucas from (MEDEIROS/ LUCAS).
More songs and shows from the new born duo are coming up.
Finish online magazine Rumba about Bowrain’s concert at Kultuurikatel (Tallinn Music Week).

It was so great to be perfoming at Tallinn Music Week with UM and Robert Nitschke:

Piano Day Ljubljana 2016. Photos Aleš Rosa.

Check out my new song that I have made for “Piano Day” Compilation:

Tallin Music Week is coming up.
It’s very exciting to be part of it:

I am very pleased to be part of Pianoday Ljubljana.
28-Mar 2016 at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana


Two nice memories from festival MENT Ljubljana.
With Mario Babojelić and Robert Nitschke. Photos Klemen Lazarevič.


Very excited to release my new single New Boy (Feat. Elle Rocky)
Listen to it on Soundcloud:


New release! My remix of the song Minority by Shishani is online. 
Check it out on Bandcamp:


New stuff
Music for Untitled, project by Jaša.
Music by Bowrain and Jaša.


October, good to be back in Utter…

Nice times playing with UM in Riiba, in Slovenia, 28 August 2015. 
Visuals by MoTh. Photos Luka Kaše. 

Another great collaboration with Meta Grgurevič.
The work Time Keepers will be presented at 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana on 28 August 2015. 

Also collaborated on Pablo Ponce’s new project Wandering Walls in september.
In Galerie De Vitte Voet, Amsterdam

Snap shot from BOWRAIN & UM live in Ljubljana, 20 August 2015
Visuals by MoTh

My composition Togetherness (for Venice Biennale) 
is on the way to Spoleto, Italy. Check it out if you can on 4th of July.
Choir conducted by Mauro Presazzi.
Organized by Mahler & LeWitt Studio’s.

Klub 470, Amsterdam, 26 June 2015



Goethe Institut, Amsterdam, 14 March 2015

Check out my new track
Toutes Les Choses

Released on Stiropor, White album
listen & buy on Bandcamp


Created for the art installation Utter by JAŠA, for the 56th Venice Biennale
Music by Bowrain
Vocals: Marie Théoleyre
Listen and buy on bandcamp:


Return from Venice Biennale
after playing between 5 and 18 May on this beautiful piano, built into the installation.
New concerts are planned in Amsterdam, Ljubljana and more in Venice. 


NEW VIDEO, BOWRAIN LIVE @ Kino Šiška, opening act of LAMB.


Poet’s Teacher 
Check it out here:


BOWRAIN LIVE @ Kino Šiška, opening act of LAMB.
Watch the video from BREATHE here:


out now

New (old) collaborations.
In February I’m working in Ljubljana for visual artist Meta Grgurevič.  
In May I will be in the art Biennale in Venice, working in the Slovene pavilion. 


Release of Breathe’s videoclip